12 Of The Most Hilarious DIY Fails

That moment you find the perfect DIY project, you try it out, but the result is nothing like you envisioned… what a fail!

Use Books For Structural Repairs

This Beautifully Fixed Toilet

When You’re Obsessed With Mason Jars And Won’t Let Anyone Forget It

That’s Built to Last

A Broken Toilet That Ended Up Being Repaired With A Seat Of a Different Kind

Wonderfully Repaired Car Gear Stick

When You Need a New Lock, But Would Rather Buy Extra Cheetos

Who Needs Plans And Organization?

You’ve Heard of Up-Cycling And So Has The Creative Person Who Managed To Combine a Cooker And a Washing Machine In One

Need a Shower? Think Again…

Professional Air Conditioning Unit Installation

Left a Bit, Right a Bit…

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